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Investment Strategy

Turning operational insight into meaningful investments.

Anvaya Investments creates opportunities that are aligned with our investors’ values. 


This understanding has guided Anvaya to invest primarily in the Senior Housing and Hospitality sectors.


Anvaya Investments is investing in newer assets that are strategically located in resilient, growing, and stable markets. For these investments, we practice in a buy and hold strategy, which means holding our investments for 5-6 years and through economic cycles. This strategy helps Anvaya Investments deliver superior returns that beat above market averages.

Ground-Up Development

Ground-up development represents tremendous upside potential. This is especially true in markets where demand is growing faster than the supply, and where the current supply is outdated or lacks the modern amenities required by today’s pickier users. Anvaya Investments utilizes a well executed capital strategy that will bring outsized returns. This strategy is based on prior experience which mitigates the inherent risks and uncertainties that accompany construction projects.

Investing in the Southeast

Location, location, location.

The Southeast is one of the most popular areas for real estate development in the United States (Urban Land Institute).

A Labor Magnet


Senior Housing

Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers join the 65 and over club. They are living longer and will increase the demand for caregiver services. (Census Bureau)

"The US 50+ population would be the world’s third-largest economy by GDP and it will grow to 28 trillion by 2050"

Source: “The Longetivity Economy Outlook”, AARP


By 2040 4 million senior housing units will be required. Less than 2 million have been constructed. 

Source: National Investment Center for Senior Housing and Care and Census Bureau

New Demand Outlook for Senior Housing Units

Senior housing demand is resilient to cyclical changes in the economy

The total annual return for senior housing through Q3 2019 was 7.8%, the NCREIF data show.

That compares to 6.24% for the NCREIF property index as a whole and 5.39% for apartments.


Senior housing also produced higher returns than hotels, office and retail real estate.


Source: ASHA


Hotel investments help to diversify portfolios. The high risk adjusted returns, tax benefits, cost segregation and value add opportunities help elevate hotel investments.

Key industry measurement, revenue per available room (RevPAR), hotel industry has grown at an average annual rate of 3.2% over the past 10 years.

Source: BizJournal

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